We represent a a conscious approach to healing and lifestyle goods & services. Specializing in Fair-Trade Imports, Sustainable Goods, Healing Herbs, Tinctures & Teas.


We are committed to educating people about their health and the simple process of using herbs as an effective way of healing and treating dis-ease. Many of these basic herbs are found in your back yard or immediate community, and education is the key to understanding and becoming comfortable with using our native plants.

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Placerville Healing, Herbs, and Imported Goods


As a Good Earth Movement, We have a passion for supporting local artisans and participating in a “Fair Trade” practice that engages the world in a system where products are manufactured with fair labor laws and sold to consumers without outrageous markups. Visit our shop to view our ever-changing stock of sustainably and locally produced hand-crafted goods.

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At the GEM, we believe that movement and change starts at home and in the community. That’s why we envision bridging our community with other social movements and progressive outlets through community events and organization. We strive to empower others to come together for common goals…

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